As part of the entrepreneurial training provided to participants in the Future Kings program, we have a program called “Applied Learning”. The Applied Learning program is designed to benefit participants in the Future Kings program by involving them in revenue generating activities that require the application of the classroom knowledge we have provided.

The “Applied Learning” program is also implemented when one of our participants wants to start a business and demonstrates that he is willing to make the commitments and follow the advice of a practicing professional. In this situation, he is paired with a mentor who will take him through the technical training, business planning, and business operational elements of running a small business.

In some situations, participants decide that they do not want to start a business, but instead want to learn the front-office and back-office processes of a profession that is outside our training. Currently, we have young men who are learning videography, photography, and digital marketing.

Regardless of the version of Applied Learning, participants are required to apply the soft skills that are applicable to the profession. These skills include workplace protocols, collaboration, time management, completing assigned tasks on time, presenting ideas, presenting their work products, and more.

Program Goals


  • Provide practical and hands-on application of the classroom training provided to Future Kings participants
  • Provide apprenticeships/internships for program participants
  • Fund scholarships for our program participants
  • Fund post-high school investments in entrepreneurial ventures started by program participants