Youth Madness

Youth Madness is a consolidated event of the members of Project Timbuktu. It is designed to be a day of fun for the entire family. The day features vendors, “step teams”, dance teams, STEM exhibits, college exhibits, and more. The event is a basketball tournament featuring the members of the coalition. The basketball tournament is also inclusive of non-member groups on an invitation only basis.

There are two major purposes of the event. The first is to provide information to the community-at-large about the important work being performed by these member organizations. The coalition of non-profits are serving a multitude of community needs, but much of that service is unknown outside of the individuals that are involved.

The second purpose is a fundraiser. Revenue from the event is used to provide materials for the STEM programs sponsored by the groups. Funds are also used to pay for field trips and other direct costs associated with serving the youth that are being supported by the coalition.