To use education, mentoring, training, practical experiences, and mastery of 21st century technology in order to create a pipeline of young men from underserved communities who excel in STEM related careers and positively influence their communities.

Our Vision

To “Engineer Great Futures” by teaching advanced engineering concepts to young men for the purpose of developing a cadre of culturally responsible professionals and entrepreneurs who positively influence their community through academic success, economic achievement, and job creation.

Our Goal

We have 3 primary goals within Future Kings:

  1. To shrink the opportunities gap by having each young man that enters the Future Kings’ program learn to use STEM to maximize his career opportunities and to better serve his community.
  2. To help 75% of students earn A’s – B’s in STEM classes and 100% student and parent satisfaction with our program.
  3. To serve 10,000 students and deliver 300 STEM majors from underserved communities each year to colleges and universities nationwide by 2021.