Future Kings is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization whose goal is to leverage the work history of engaged adults in order to create a pathway to success for boys from underserved communities. Our vision is to develop a generation of culturally responsible individuals that are experts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Everything we do is designed to answer the question, “Is this a positive step toward preparing the pathway for success in the 21st century?” The organization is for the boys. We simply provide the guidance, networking, and support that many of us wish we had when we were young.

During our six years of operations, we have been rewarded with many positive comments from parents, administrators, teachers, and program participants. The empirical evidence is found in the number of boys that finished a year in the program, and then returned for another year while recruiting at least one of their friends. Further evidence is found in the number of administrators and teachers that refer boys to the program.

Future Kings is guided by a board of directors – each of whom has a history of commitment and engagement with students from underserved communities. Board members provide a well-rounded view of the K-16 education system, non-profit organizations, government programs, and commercial enterprises that are at work in American society. This comprehensive view of available avenues of leverage is the basis for designing programs and activities that prepare these boys for success.

Future Kings relies on volunteer support as well as donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses. If you have the time and commitment, we ask that you join us by making a donation or volunteering.



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