Our Community of In-Kind Providers

Collaborative relationships with other organizations are the foundation of the Future Kings program and the cornerstone helping us “engineer great futures!”

  • Our relationship with NOVA and George Mason University allows students to actually walk onto a college campus and feel at home – a critical part of breaking down the barrier between poverty and post-secondary education.
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) hosts STEM competitions, STEM conferences, and high quality STEM materials that contribute to our STEM programs.
  • NOVA, Mason’s Game & Technology Academy, and The Profit Partner all provide in-kind services for space, materials, and fundraising for Future Kings. We also have over 10 instructors, an active Board of Directors, and a volunteer structure that provides more than $400,000 annually of in-kind services

To inspire as many young people as possible, Future Kings hosts an annual STEM Expo with more than 1,000 participants. Because of the volunteer instructors we attract and the dynamic learning environments, the STEM Expo receives close to 100% favorable ratings each year.